Get to know me

A little about myself

I was born & bred in Bequia, a tiny seven (7) square miles island that belongs to St. Vincent & the Grenadines - a truly amazing archipelago of thirty-two (32) islands and cays.

Ever since I was a little boy, somethings remained with me to this day. My love affair with Cricket has only gotten stronger, so much so, that I stay up at very late hours to see matches on the other side of the world! Maths was always my most favourite subject - spent a lot of my child hood days figuring things out in my head. Logics rule!

What I Do


I do freelance accounting for small & medium sized businesses through out St. Vincent & the Grenadines. I hold a Diploma in Accounting & Business from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). It's a career I never saw myself at when I was younger, but I was thrown into the deep end and it stuck. Blessed with quick thinking and an infatuation for numbers and logics, it turns out I was meant for this thing!

Web Development

I do backend Web Development, mainly through the PHP programming language. I was self taught, and have thoroughly enjoyed learning programming as it has rounded me into a much more efficient thinker and worker. I love working with Wordpress, Bootstrap & my most favourite, the Laravel framework! Most of my spare time is spent learning web development.

Fun Facts

My first exam I ever failed was Information Technology, despite my love affair with computers.

I fell in love with Cricket at the age of five (5). I was reading a book, while my brothers were playing and I accidentally caught the ball. Cricket took over from there, book took a back seat.

I accidentally found programming, then eventually falling in love with it, while trying to find a way to cut cost to selling online, so I learnt to build my own website.

Shane Warne is my all time favourite cricketer.

At a very young age, I always favoured Maths. I use to make up my own math questions (additions & subtractions) and solve them. Subtractions took me the longest to learn, despite my astuteness for other areas of basic maths.

My favourite genre of music is Country Music. Yes, you saw right! Strange for a Caribbean boy eh?

I was dismissed for duck in my first cricket match.